Attention - SPRING! In «LANCASTER» cooked spring gifts.


 In honor of the beginning of spring and favorite holiday from 1 to 15 March 2011. in all stores «LANCASTER» and site in gift certificates are given to customers visiting beauty salons "Aida." These certificates make it possible to get beauty services at a substantial discount or even free of charge. The size of gift (from 500 to 2000rub) depends on the amount of purchase:

check in LANCASTER of 5.000 rubles - a certificate in "Aida" for 500 rubles.
of 10.000 rubles. - 1000rub.
of 15.000 rubles. - 1500 rubles.
of 20.000 rubles. -2000 Rubles.
Use such a gift will be up until April 10, carved out from his schedule a convenient day for a visit and pre-recorded in the most convenient geographically Salon (options - in the metro area Prudy, Academic, Okhotny Ryad, Pushkinskaya Krylatskoye, ENEA, details at www.
«LANCASTER» wishes of Love, Happiness and Beauty!