Gifts for Feb. 14 from LANCASTER to Tulsky Mixed-Use Complex


Chain salons LANCASTER hold Valentine's Day holiday campaign, which aims - to support the romantic mood. Those who are in the bustle of labor feats forgot about romance, introduced a successful occasion to remember ...

From 12 to 15 February 2011. when you buy in all stores LANCASTER, or on our web site is presented as a gift certificate from LANCASTER to visit the concept of elite restaurants. Par certificate depends on the amount of the purchase: the purchase of 5.000 rubles - the discount in the restaurant is 500 rubles, the purchase of 10.000 - the certificate is already on 1000rub, if you buy the amount of 15.000 rubles - from your account at the restaurant will deduct 1500 rubles, if the purchase amount will equal or exceed 20.000rub - then 2000 rubles. Nice addition for the happy evening, is not it? It is important that these certificates will be valid not only during the celebration of the Valentine's day - take advantage of them will be up until March 14. So there will be enough time, that would carve out in their daily schedule to visit. Want to know the name of the restaurant? Let this be a pleasant surprise! After all these gifts and should be ...

By the way, you can not just get a gift from LANCASTER, but also find there a gift by 14 February for their favorite person.

LANCASTER wishes all the love and happiness!