In Tulsky Mixed-Use Complex has started to support the additional office of BIN Bank.


  December 29, 2010  in In Tulsky Mixed-Use Complex started servicing customers additional office "Tulsky".
The new office offers a wide range of technology products and services for both private and corporate clients. Private clients can open bank deposits at attractive terms, to carry out money transfers, issue debit and credit cards, and use the services of opening and maintaining bank accounts, cash management services to implement the settlement of bank accounts on behalf of account holders, as well as purchase services sale of foreign currency in cash and cashless forms and remittances.
  Enterprise products primarily targeted at small and medium-sized businesses: cash management services, settlement services of foreign trade activities, payroll, acquiring.
In an additional office "Tula" is set to self-service banking terminal, by which the on-line mode may perform the following operations:
- Getting cash from a bank card of any bank
- Payment by credit card of any bank or in cash services of MGTS, services of mobile operators, satellite television services
- Payment by credit card of any bank utilities
- Exchange of foreign currency in cash (U.S. dollars / euros) to the Russian Ruble
- Completion of the cash accounts of a credit card
   Mode of additional office "Tulsky":
For private clients:
Monday to Friday - from 9.00 to 20.00
Saturday - from 10.00 to 17.00
no lunch break
Services to corporate clients:
Monday to Friday - from 9.00 to 18.00
no lunch break
- Holiday: Sunday
Following the strategy of regional network development, BIN is actively expanding its presence in the area of the Russian Federation. To date, the Bank has an extensive territorial sales network, with more 123 offices, including 26 offices in Moscow and 97 in 32 regions of Russia.