The magnificent corner of Paris - a boutique "LANCASTER" has opened


   Pleasant news to judges fine and refined: in shoppin - business centre "Tulsky" the magnificent corner of Paris - a boutique "LANCASTER" has opened,representing wide choice of handbags, portfolios, purses, accessories, silk scarfs, scarfs and various models of umbrellas. Embodiment of the French style, its elegance and internal grace are collections of bags, purses, accessories of such companies, as "LANCASTER", "HEXAGONA", "GILHOLSTER".Distinctive line of handbags is their extraordinary ease and a practicality. That is reached by means of use of the newest technologies in the course of processing of skin They never get out of fashion, underlining individuality and grace of lovely ladies.
    Ease, lightness, freshness are present at scarfs, scarfs, palatines from the Lyons silk MARCROZIER.Компания works with known marks, such as DIOR, CHANEL, VUITTON, CARTIER, JEAN-LOUISSCHERRER, SONIARUKIEL and t.d. postavlyaya  to them great volumes of fabrics for creation of collections offering lines of scarfs, shawls, pelerines, scarfs.
    In a collection of umbrellas GUYDEJEAN, CHANTALTHOMAS, JEANPAULGOTIER all kinds of umbrellas - umbrellas-canes and thin umbrellas, an umbrella in the form of a hand bell are presented and models Ultra Slim (ультра слим) which in the combined condition are located in a small female handbag. At this most tiny abroach umbrellas are distinguished by the big diameter of a dome, therefore with this accessory it is possible to walk easy under a heavy rain or a shining sun.