Actions from a beauty salon and health "Beauty Empire"


  Only for you in Birthday a gift from Salon - a discount of 20 % for all services. And also other actions:

1. «Happy day» - Sunday, a discount for service of 10 %.  
2. «Welcome!» - 10 minutes of trial employment are free: tonusny a training apparatus and (or) massage.
3. "Birthday" - only for you in Birthday a gift from Salon - on all single services of 20 %!
4. «A gift to the friend» - at purchase of the Subscription on any
tonusny a training apparatus - one employment in the GIFT for your friend!
5. Till August, 15th the Action «Hi, operates summer!»:

   At purchase wraps bodies - Washing and hair dressing in a gift!
   At purchase of any massage of a body - the Covering of nails a varnish in a gift!  
   At purchase of any care by a face skin - Colouring of eyebrows in a gift!
   At purchase krioliftinga persons and a decollete - Parafinoterapija for hands in a gift!