In Tulsky Mixed-Use Complex opened shop "Optics 21st Century"


Online shops "Optics 21", you can: make a diagnosis of view, to pick up soft contact lenses, buy sunglasses and make health care vision glasses to the rim of known brands - Ray Ban, Prada, Versace, MAYBAH, Betsey Johnson, Vogue, Dolce & Gabbana, Porsche, AZZARO, Tiffany, Fred, Philippe Charriol, PAL ZILERI etc.
Today, sunglasses are a luxurious accessory element of the image. Sunglasses - this is the result of years of work of professionals in medicine, optics and design. Vision glasses are the best known and most widely used means of vision correction.
We offer a collection of PURE. This points that are made individually for the client, specifying all the parameters of your face.
"Optics 21" - is making glasses with diopters based on proven eyeglass lenses Seiko, Hoya and Essilor.
Visit our shop optics, you will pick up easily in a vast selection of frames that which will suit you perfectly.
Addresses and layout of our stores: