Tulsky Mixed-Use Complex invites everybody to the "Flea market"!


Tulsky Mixed-Use Complex invites everybody to the "Flea market"!

Flea markets of Europe are well-known for the whole world. In Moscow this format was introduced relatively recently, riveting to itself more and more attention of the townspeople. The fair-exhibition is a pleasant pastime and a joint entertainment, joint creativity, in a word, creation!
On our "Flea market" You can not only get the liked product, but also to the full feel for yourself the atmosphere of the "Fleas", having exposed their lots for sale. For this it is necessary to send the application on our e-mail address:, indicating therein their contacts and the description of the lot with his photo.

The authors of the best lots, as well as the happy guests who bought them, will go home with gifts from Tulsky Mixed-Use Complex!

In the program:
* sale of exclusive jewelry, hand-made accessories, vintage things and subjects of a life;
* vernissage;
* master-classes on decoupage and decor;
* thematic photo exhibition;
* the products;
* live music, friendly cartoons;
* prizes and gifts;
* tasty treats;
* compliments from Tulsky Mixed-Use Complex to all guests.

For the little ones will work a children's area, so that the adults can enjoy fair, while the children are drawing, molding, masters - in short, spend time in the company of experienced teachers.
We Are Waiting For You!

Flea market held on July 14, on the square before the building Tulsky Mixed-Use Complex. The market works from 17.00 to 21.00.